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Voice Services

  Is-Voice In&Out

Moving to VOIP. The voice services that Integram System can offer you throughout the national territory can be provided with all available technologies today: voip, isdn, rtg. But there is no doubt that we are moving towards voip. Competitive prices, with "usage" or "flat" rates (only in certain conditions).

  Is-Voice Only IN

All the numbers that can be used only for receiving calls are for are part of this family. Typical examples are the so-called "non-geographic" numbers, that is, not belonging to a specific district, such as toll-free numbers (800) but also other types such as 848, 199, etc. We also have in our portfolio numbers that characterize a specific city or province (06.02.081, etc.) that have the same functioning as a non-geographical numbering and manage only incoming calls: an innovative service.

It is the service for surfing the internet at a constant speed.

It is the door to access content, find news, exchange information, use cloud services, publish services.

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Less management worries with outsourced services.

Virtual telephone exchanges, direct access to the secure, reliable, fast and dedicated Cloud, remote data backup.

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Other Services
We are attentive to all your ICT needs.

MailFax, Wi-Fi, Telephone exchanges, Web Development and other services related to Information Communication and Technologies.

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