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WiFi has lately become an increasingly powerful tool, a valid alternative to structured cabling. When to use it?

  • when you need to give internet access to guests that must not enter the company network;
  • when you are not able to implement a structured cabling or upgrade the existing network.
  • Integram System WiFi offer is necessarily customized, with a technical onsite survey to verify the location where to install the equipment, after listening to customer needs. The portfolio offer covers the main brands and only the latest generation devices in the WiFi sector.

    With our solutions you will have these benefits:

  • flexibility and scalability according to the needs of the company;
  • management of the network assigned to the technical support of Integram System, which will intercede remotely;
  • respect privacy regulations related to access tracking (also in response to investigations by the authority in context of public WiFi);
  • data storage in our Cloud systems, located on Italian territory.
  •   Is-MailFax

    Despite the development of the PEC, sending and receiving a traditional fax has not yet completely disappeared.

    With the Is-mailfax service, we give the possibility:

  • to customers who no longer want to have the traditional fax machine, but for business still need to send a fax to do it with a simple mailbox;
  • to customers who had a fax number outside the range of their pbx to continue to maintain their historic fax number and receive the communication directly in a mailbox.
  • All this will free up space in the office, eliminate the maintenance costs of traditional faxes, but above all will allow you to send and receive a fax even from a mobile phone by e-mail.


    For those customers who want a telephone exchange at home, we can provide Asterisk based solutions, which guarantee maximum efficiency and scalability over time or also registered solutions thanks to agreements with national and international brands.

    Innovation Technologies by Integram System
    It is the service for surfing the internet at a constant speed.

    It is the door to access content, find news, exchange information, use cloud services, publish services.

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    It is the audio quality that makes our phone calls effective.

    Call with Voip or traditional technology, with single numbers or with a range of 100/1000 extensions, toll-free and virtual numbers.

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    Less management worries with outsourced services.

    Virtual telephone exchanges, direct access to the secure, reliable, fast and dedicated Cloud, remote data backup.

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