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Is-CloudPBX is a virtual switchboard service (PBX) that allows you to migrate hardware switchboard to our Cloud, avoiding onerous investments for the purchase of the same. With Is-CloudPBX it is possible to manage a private telephone network inside the corporate LAN to communicate between the various offices with a personalized numbering plan. The solution offers advanced telephony services, with a centralized and efficient management of all the workstations at each location. Thanks to VOIP services based on a full IP network infrastructure and effective backup technologies, the maximum reliability of the service is guaranteed.


Deploying backup devices near production systems is never the ideal solution, especially when the data has a significant business interest. In the event of theft or disastrous events, proximity irreversibly invalidates the storage operations carried out and stops data recovery. The Integram System solutions for remote backup with cloud technology completely eliminate this eventuality and in addition guarantee a wide operational flexibility. Making available at low costs a large storage capacity with fast and efficient transfer of data both in backup and restore phase.


Integram System has placed its infrastructure in several DATA CENTER TIER III located on the Italian territory in compliance with Directive 95/46 / EC.
This allows us to host your data and applications (on specific projects) with the maximum reliability that digital preservation and data management requires.

It is the service for surfing the internet at a constant speed.

It is the door to access content, find news, exchange information, use cloud services, publish services.

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It is the audio quality that makes our phone calls effective.

Call with Voip or traditional technology, with single numbers or with a range of 100/1000 extensions, toll-free and virtual numbers.

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Other Services
We are attentive to all your ICT needs.

MailFax, Wi-Fi, Telephone exchanges, Web Development and other services related to Information Communication and Technologies.

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