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Our Vision
Born with a different vision

Integram System started on September 27th 2012, from the merge between professionals of Telecommunications, ICT and Web sectors. After years of different experiences, they decided to create a company that had a common MUST: business continuity. Business Continuity


Too many times we came across situations where customer's business was blocked, which could have been avoided with a more adequate design of the corporate infrastructure.

Our business consists of integrating different services, among the main vendors of the relevant sector. Choosing the most suitable mix to protect your business from the greatest danger, a fault.


Business continuity is not only necessary to avoid economic damages, but also to protect from the main side effect that a fault may cause to everyone within the company: stress. Which is the first concern of an IT Manager? And which one of an AD or owner? Simple: all corporate communications, all production processes must not stop. A potential block would be a loss of business.

What to do? How to prevent the problem?

Always, create an infrastructure with high reliability and resilient.

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What Do We Do
What can we do for you?

We will help you choose the right telecommunication infrastructure for your business.
Your gateway to the Web and Cloud services, as well as a wide range of advanced telephone solutions, from secure VoIP communications to ISDN (PRI and BRI), from Ip-PBXs on site or in Cloud, symmetrical and asymmetrical internet connections, dedicated or shared optical fiber, as well as point-to-point connections between two or more locations from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond, National and international VPNs, IP or MPLS, voice and data disaster recovery, wi-fi solutions.

Ours is not just advice, we take responsibility for the choices we offer, based upon a contract for the provision of services and their assistance.

What a System Integrator does:
analyzes and evaluates the market options, integrates tecnologies from multiple suppliers to its own and offers the customer the best solution.

Why choose a System Integrator?
Because it has greater flexibility for different solution. Not bonded to its own product, but always able to choose between several options that have already been tested and guarantee reliability and results.

Our knowledge of suppliers and technologies, potential and criticality, allows us to advise you on the most reliable way to reach your goal: business purpose.

Relax Formula

There is much more: the RELAX formula.
The All Inclusive solution. Without initial investment or minimum fee it allows you to take advantage of all the services requested, with only a monthly charge, you receive 360° assistance for the entire duration of the contract.

Business continuity while you relax, what else?

To achieve this, we at Integram System are at your disposal, convinced that this is the right approach to be considered a true partner of companies and not just a service provider.